Adult Womens Volleyball




1) ALL GAMES will be played according to KSHSAA rules, with a few exceptions.

2) A REGULATION TEAM IS 6 PLAYERS. There is a "No Forfeit" rule. Teams may play a match, without forfeit, with less than 6 players. However; they will lose a point each time the open position or positions goes to serve. No more then 10 rostered players per team. Rosters are turned in the first day of competition.

3) TIME-OUTS -- A team is allowed 2 time-outs per game.

4) TEAM ROTATION IS CLOCKWISE and during a game teams may not switch the order of rotation. Players rotate to the various positions on the court just after an opponent's "loss of rally".

5) NUMBER OF CONTACTS -- The ball may be contacted legally a total of 3 times by a team before it is sent over the net. If two or more players contact the ball simultaneously it is considered one hit and both are eligible to participate in the next play.

6) RALLY SCORING -- A point is scored every time a ball is served. A match will consist of best 2 of 3 

games played to 25 points. If a third game is necessary, it is played to 15 points. You must always win by 2 points. 

7) COIN FLIPS or ROCK -PAPER- SCISSOR will be done to determine home/visitor and who has first serve/side.

8) SUBSTITUTIONS may be made only during "time-outs" or on "dead balls". During a substitution there will be no change in the team rotation.

OPTIONAL FREE SUBSTITUTION ROTATION: If this substitution method is used, a game must be started and completed using this method; otherwise forfeit. Official and opponents must be notified if this method of substitution is to be used. If this rule is not utilized, then teams must abide by the official substitution rule and procedures. "Free Substitution Rotation" means that, each time a team rotates service order, the Right Front Player leaves the game and goes to the bench and a player sitting on the bench enters the game as Server. Rotation order on the bench must remain constant throughout the game in which this method of substitution is utilized. All players present for that team must be in the substitution rotation.

9) All players competing in the tournament must play in at least 2 matches during the season.

10) DISORDERLY CONDUCT/UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT is not tolerated at any time. If a player, in the referee's judgment, behaves in an unsportsmanlike manner towards anyone involved in the contest, a point or side-out will be called as a penalty. If a player is EJECTED FROM A GAME they will not be allowed to participate in any subsequent matches the team might play on that same day.